What's New

Jeta v 12.0

  • Fix general problems

Contact support to report a problem support :https://t.me/jetafollower

Jeta v 11.9.1

  • 😀 Notification - Did you remember to receive daily coins - Fix notification problems in Changer
  • 🤩Referral - Change the rules
  • 💎 Dedicated login - The addition of a dedicated login similar to the Instagram login (with a dedicated login, you are less limited by Instagram)
  • fix problems - Solving the problem of throwing accounts - Improve our user search - Improved receipt of transfers - Design changes in most parts of the program - Overall optimization of the program - Fixed the problem of placing orders with private accounts - Fix csrf token missing or incorrect - Fixed reported errors - General optimization - Change in privacy

Contact support to report a problem support :https://t.me/jetafollower 

jeta 11.6.1

  • 🔮 Track orders - Added filter (By filtering, you can categorize your orders in an advanced way) - Design change (All parts) - Added package tracking and story order
  • 🎁Gift percentage for all orders - It is random from today and you will see it at the end of the order registration -  The percentage of orders is only applied to likes and followers, comments do not have additional percentages
  • 📷 Plus profile - You can change the post and profile from the server side with one button, you don't need to choose the photo, the program does everything - It provides a bio for you -You can choose that your personal account will be entered into the program and it will no longer give you a profile
  • 🚀Fast transfer - If your account is disabled or there is a problem with Instagram, you can transfer all your points from this section - Transfer coins from all accounts to one of your accounts
  • 😀 prevent falling - Fira Follower monitors your account and does not allow it to decrease from the initial number of your order
  • 📱Changer update - You can collect coins with several accounts at the same time, Fira Follower will reduce the block from Instagram with a natural behavior

Contact support to report a problem support :https://t.me/jetafollower